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Jan 12, 2016 at 9:00 AM
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It's been a while since our last contest wherein we feature top 3 bloggers under specific categories. This time, we made it possible again! For this month's top blogger under the Food and Restaurant category who made it to the top 3, meet Ariane Peralta, a 19 year old Iskolar ng Bayan who is also a blogger, an architect, food enthusiast, dreamer and a certified Otaku.

Long vacant hours? Need a place to hang-out with friends? Check out this new hang-out place near Vito Cruz! Tambayan 101 opened last October 1 along Don Isidro street. Though hidden from the blooming commercial parts of Taft, Tambayan 101 has qualities that makes it worth the recommend.


Tambayan 101 is all about cozy. The design of the area incorporates the modern contemporary use of black and white and the typical use of chalkboard menus and a freedom wall, few of the most common charactieristics of your everyday cafe. However, Tambayan 101 add its own twist through the use of double deck beds and sofas. Double deck beds serves as space saver  but it is also used further ellaborate their concept: "always-breakfast-in-bed-mornings" . Indeed, when in Tambayan 101, you can chill and relax as if you're at home. 

Cold Beverage:

60  php  Iced Tea
100 php  Iced Latte
110  php  Iced Mocha
120 php  Iced Caramel Macchiato


Tambayan 101 offers a variety of rooms for movie and gaming purposes. Each room are of different themes, thus giving users  lots of options to choose from. Each room  has its own toilet-and-bath and fully air-conditioned

Rent of room costs 90 php per person per hour. Rooms equipped with PS3 are charged 90 php, while those with PS4 are worth 100 php. (per person per hour)

And yes, food can be taken inside the rooms :>

Buffalo Wings - 180 php
Clubhouse - 150 php
BLT- 140 php
Carne Franc - 100 php
Red Hotdog - 70 php
Sausage Platter - 180 php
Onion Rings - 70 php
Pastrami - 170 php
Popcorn - 60php

Hot Beverage:

70  php  Brewed Coffee
90  php  Cafe Latte
90  php  Cappuccino
100 php  Cafe Mocha
110  php  Caramel Macchiato
110  php Ghirardelli Hot cocoa
110  php White Chocolate Fudge


The food they serve are definitely their selling point. Their patrons will surely go back for more of their delicious and cheap cheat food. If you're looking for a food getaway, you should definitely try Tambayan. With a diverse menu from burgers to sandwiches; smoothies to hot choco, every visit at Tambayan will be a new foodventure. All their servings are also barkada-sized. With around 200 per person budget for food, your cravings will be satisfied!

Burger - 130 php
Cheeseburger - 140 php
Salami Burger - 170 php
Fries - 60 php + Flavor +20 php (Cheese, Barbeque, Sweet and Sour)
Waffles- 100 php
*Chocolate +20 php ; Strawberry +20 php ; Bacon +40
Nachos- 100php (Definitely the best price for such quantity EVER! )

How to get here?

Yes! "X" marks the spot! What are you waiting for, gather your friends and schedule a date at Tambayan 101. Enjoy! :)

More info?

Follow their instagram account: @bonita_tambayan

Visit their site at:

*All credits to : Ariane as well as to respective owners of the content and images stated herein.

To know more about Ariane, visit her website at

Jan 12, 2016 at 9:00 AM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
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