10 Best Tech Companies To Work For In 2015

Jan 03, 2015 at 2:16 PM
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Out of the 50 options, the top 10 tech companies ran the gamut, from digital management giant Adobe to the iPhone overlords of Apple. However, many a tech name was beat out by other well-known companies, such as Nestle Purina, Chevron and (maybe best of all?) In-N-Out, the West Coast fast food joint, which actually nabbed the third overall spot.

1. Google

The popular company is the top dog in the tech realm, and also conquered this year's list overall.

“The benefits and care of employees is obviously world-class, and compensation is almost unmatchable. But the company attracts some of the best talent and best people to work with in the world, which is the most important bit," writes an anonymous Google program manager in San Francisco, California.


2. F5 Networks

The application delivery network came in fourth place overall, but snagged the second spot on the tech list.

“Very competitive salary, great benefits that challenge the huge multi-nationals. Plus, the culture is something that makes your day worth being in the office, the atmosphere where everybody understands we are in the same ship and we need to sail it together," writes an F5 networks software engineer in Seattle, Washington.


3. Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg knows how to keep employees happy, whether by offering a video game room orfree egg freezing for female employees (though that perk has been divisive).

“The amount of power entrusted to employees is huge. You are empowered to go explore and find data, build things and generally choose the course of action you think will have the most impact," writes a Facebook user operations associate.


4. Qualcomm

Telecommunications company Qualcomm is always getting praise for its career culture. Just this year, it was cited one of the highest rated tech companies for internships. Clearly it's doing something right.

"[I] get to work on new technology, skills and products in the mobile space. Very good on-job training and an immense library and training resources. Good work-life balance in some divisions," writes an anonymous Qualcomm staff engineer/manager in San Diego, California.


5. Adobe

The software company that brought us editing tools like Photoshop and InDesign lands at No. 5 on this list.

“Adobe takes very good care of their employees; they make sure you get what you want from training to benefits. I simply enjoy going to work, enjoy sharing my ideas with intelligent (and humble) people who are always ready to help," writes an Adobe software engineer in San Jose, California.


6. MathWorks

Mathematic software company MathWorks seems to have found the perfect formula for employee happiness.

“Very friendly and supportive co-workers. Awesome perks. Company really cares about employees. Lots of opportunities for leadership roles. Easy switch to different teams," writes an anonymous MathWorks applications support engineer in Natick, Massachusetts.


7. Apple

It was a big year for the tech behemoth — new iPhones, ultra thin iPad Airs and smartwatches rained galore. Aside from forcing everyone to love U2, Apple is still a plush gig for employees.

“Apple offers crazy benefits, and competitive salary. By competitive, I don't mean a couple grand more in a year, I'm talking about a 2X / 2.5X salary. This place is a sea of knowledge. Never seen a more dedicated group," writes an Apple product design engineer in Cupertino, California.


8. LinkedIn

Networking social platform LinkedIn knows a thing or two about careers, so it makes perfect sense the company lands on this list.

“Besides the free food, there are lots of nice little company-sponsored events and things that happen. You can get professional development training easily. Your work schedule is generally pretty flexible," writes a LinkedIn site reliability engineer in Mountain View, California.


9. Zillow

Real estate database Zillow amped up its online presence this year by buying Trulia, which makes for an exciting 2015.

“If you're looking for a company that really cares about culture and happy employees, that's Zillow to a T. You're working with talented team members who are really passionate about their jobs, and their role in moving Zillow forward," writes an anonymous Zillow software development engineer in Seattle, Washington.



As its name suggests, MINDBODY works to help small businesses grow, particularly in the realm of health and fitness.

“We're treated great with so many benefits: monthly wellness vouchers, onsite massage, onsite wellness classes, insurance, paid time off, etc. Managers are great! CEO is inspiring and visionary. From the top down funnels good vibes," pens a MINDBODY customer service/technical support employee in San Luis Obispo, California.


Jan 03, 2015 at 2:16 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
Filed Under : News & Events