A Travel Blogger Shared His Travel Experience In The Philippines And How He Got Scammed

Apr 25, 2016 at 2:04 PM
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A travel blogger from Canada shared his adventures in Manila. From the beautiful smiles of people around down to how he got scammed. Scams are but natural and this is how he shared his experience in our very own country.

Christian LeBlanc is a daily travel blogger or most commonly known as travel vlogger (V instead of B for video). LeBlanc quit his job to travel full time and explore the world at a very young age.

Recently, LeBlanc went back to the Philippines to do some travel vlogging and his choice of place is Intramuros; the historical landmark around the metro.

During his trip to Intramuros, he was so amazed with the people smiling back at him whenever he focuses his camera on them. This surely proves that Filipinos are friendly and that they smile all the time despite the hardships in life. Though sometimes, being too friendly could is not a good thing. This is just when LeBlanc knew he got scammed.

On his way he paid 150 pesos just for riding a pedicab (a bike with a passenger seat, as what we call it here). Usually a pedicab ride just cost around 7 to 20 pesos. Depending on the distance. But for a 150 pesos, that's way too much which cost already more than a taxi cab ride!

Another instance is when his last bike rider offered him to take him to Mall of Asia but took a different route which is out of the way. Again, from this point it is another form of scam wherein they will take you to places or even in their territory and try to steal things from you. Good thing LeBlanc was able to get off.

On the last part of the video, he stated how a barker tried to haggle for money when he tried to hail a cab for him. This is a very common scam wherein they demand for money for hailing you a ride.

It sure is that Filipinos are friendly and helpful but there are times that they take advantage of your friendliness and them being helpful is just another form of scam.

So next time foreigners wants to visit our country, we at Pinoy Secret Files are very willing to offer you a helping hand on what/where/how to go to places around the Metro. It would be safer if you know a local who could help you out and that's why we are here. 

LeBlanc has been to places in the Philippines before and this is his nth time visiting our country. You may want to check out his videos on how to travel to the Philippines.

My name is Christian and I'm a daily vlogger from Canada. This is my story of leaving behind the corporate world to whole heartedly pursue my passion for creating films and sharing the world with others.

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Apr 25, 2016 at 2:04 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
Filed Under : Travel & Adventure