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Nov 11, 2015 at 10:00 AM
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Recently, we had this simple contest for bloggers to showcase their Travel and Adventure articles. With quite a number of contestants and only have to pick the top 3, it was quite hard to pick since all articles submitted are great! Sadly, we just need top 3 articles to be posted here.

For the second entry meet Ajein, a 20-something Jedi who wanders around the hues of life and everything nice. Join Ajein as she travels around Caleruega at Nasugbu, Batangas.

A Registered Nurse and Midwife from UST-AUL. but an artist by heart and mind. A frustrated model who just loves to do a lot self-portraits and photography. Ajein is one obsessive-compulsive gal who easily gets addicted and attach to sunflowers, pigs, stars, Marvel, animé, Star Wars and any thing cute. Faithfully serving the Lord since 2002 and always believe in His promises. Blissfully in love and blessed with her Yobo since 2011. 

It is the 2nd day of our Summer Learning Journeyand it just gets better and better as the clock ticks. Everyone is just so excited and getting ready for another venture ahead. 


Getting ready to go to our next destination

Everyone was stoked and woke up early for our next adventure. Not to mention getting our cameras and body for the big venture ahead for the day. Without further a do, our next stop was at Caleruega.



Caleruega is known for it's beautiful churches and station pathways leading to one of the popular wedding chapels in Tagaytay. It is also one of the most visited areas in the town of Nasugbu, Batangas due to the large vicinities and infrastructures it consists. 


The Caleruega Church Entrance

Nature friendly fountain


Signs and directions

To start the journey ahead, a series of signages are provided near the entrance, It gives you the different destinations that there is and we just can't wait to see it for ourselves. 



The journey starts by embarking through the long trail leading to other tourist destinations of the place. So if you are planning on going here, make sure that you are in your most comfortable clothes and footwear so that you will not easily get tired. This is also a nice way to have your semi-workout.

Caleruega's Long Trail


Tribal wood carves


Each corners of the trail has these stations where you get to see the different stories of Jesus' life. I love how the designs and pieces were really carved into details. Here are more samples of the stations. 



Near the end of the trail, there is a simple garden with tons of flowers you just can't get enough with. Even the potteries and the landscape are just worth a shot of the lenses.


End of the trail


Close to nature. Close to God.

There is also a cute arc signage where it has a nice quote that is really very inspiring. 


Bamboo pipe fountain

There is also this cute fountain that is just relaxing and very creative. It just goes well with the plants in the mini garden. 



Are you a fan of ponds and feeding tons of fish? Well this beautiful koi pond is definitely worth a visit. Not only is it a plain koi pond, it is also surrounded with ferns and beautiful bridges to enjoy the scenes. It's like you are entering a new world seeing how nature is being preserved at its best.

Entrance gate to Koi Pond. 


Bridge leading to the Koi Pond


Wooden and steel bridge at the pond

You can have a good shot of the Koi pond and school of fish at the bridge. If you are also planning on feeding them this is a nice place to witness their crowding and chase for their treat. 


Beautifol Koi Pond with the swimming Koi fish


Swimming school of kois. 

The mini trail going to the next stop is just fascinating. Flowers everywhere and the gardens are just blossoming. It makes you wonder how God manages to make nature more beauftiful. 


Pretty yellow flowers


Hanging white orchids



After seeing all those lovely kois and enjoying every scene that there is in the small bridges, we came along a more exciting bridge as we continue our walk. The Hanging Bridge was one of my favorite part in getting closer to the wedding chapel.


The Hanging Bridge



Upon crossing the bridge, we became more enthusiastic in taking our leap going to the top of the trail. We also enjoyed the big trees along the walk. It's like giving me the "The Twilight" vibes. 


Trail on the Kampo Arriba


I feel like I am Bella and my Edward Cullen is on his way to meet me. 

The trees in the Kampo is just very pretty even when they don't have leaves anymore. The color and their branches just blends well with the nature. 


Wooden benches

There is also a nice wooden bench at the middle of trail. Just in case you get tired of all the walking and hiking you can sit and rest for the meantime while enjoying the scenery and breeze.


Big oak tree

One of my favorite one is the tree near the top of the trail. It gives you that Pocahontas feels resembling the willow tree. 



The side flowers on the trail just makes it more magical as you near at the end of the trail. This part can also be a nice runway if you are planning to have your wedding. 


The trail to the Tent Chapel


Finally as you've reached the top, you will definitely fall in love with the place. Even the breeze that touches your skin is just so refreshing. It really makes the place more fascinating.




The Tent Chapel is one of the most popular solemn place to have your wedding vows be exchanged because of the privacy and the nice environment to celebrate something that is sacred. 


Inside the chapel

The interior of the chapel is just outstanding and it just makes the place more holy and peaceful every time one sets a foot in it. 


The glass designs are just a piece of art and the posts surrounding the chapel. 


After having our pictures on taken we then went our way back to the starting point. 


I will definitely come back here if ever I will be given another chance. This place is like a sanctuary that one can really enjoy and will make you fall in love with God's creations. Not only the sceneries but also the atmosphere it gives to the ones who come here. 



Let's take a picture, shall we?

If you are planning on paying a visit at Caleruega it will be nicer to tag tons of friends to make the experience memorable. There are also awesome sites that you can take your photos and the experience is a nice way to combine relaxation, adventure and a little work out. 

*In this photos are: Angelica Leonor, Jane Rocha, Jeonald Trilles, Rowel Baliza, Zarah Maralit, Dennis Guamos, Zaira Magdasoc and Anthony Lorcha

**All credits to : Ajein as well as to respective owners of the content and images stated herein.

To know more about Ajein, visit her website at http://www.ajeinomoto.com/

Nov 11, 2015 at 10:00 AM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
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