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Sep 07, 2015 at 7:00 PM
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Tired of your same, old buffet experience? Let us introduce you to a unique and affordable buffet that you might find hard to resist and will surely love. 

Sucat, Muntinlupa City - Organized by Ms. Dawn Mawis and Ms. Louvie Manuel, we at Pinoy Secret Files and other selected bloggers, were recently invited to experience BAHAY Buffet, another out of the box concept of BAGA Manila (Barbecuers and Grillers Association). Of course as buffet lovers, we wouldn’t miss the opportunity. The word BAHAY stands for “Buffet At Home is Always Yummy”, catchy business name right?


With Mr. Rence Chan (Felow Blogger)


For starters, BAHAY Buffet aims to introduce a one of a kind buffet experience that can be hosted by anyone, yes you read it right, anyone! May it be an up-and-coming hole in the wall eateries, small farms, a housewife who loves to cook, a culinarian by profession, family style -resort , group of foodies who also loves to cook, a family of aspiring chef, micro-entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the food industry, anyone is qualified to be a BAHAY Buffet host. The idea is to bring consumers to an ideal location for a more intimate food buffet experience may it be at home, resort, farm, restaurant or school. In this way, the hosts may closely interact with the consumers for further introduction of their product or specialties.


We were invited at the BAHAY Buffet (Sunset Grill) event held at Lake Front, Sucat Muntinlupa City (at the back of The Wharf and before Sucat Southbound exit toll gate). The location is just near the Metro less than an hour drive from Makati so if you are looking for a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle, BAHAY Buffet at Lake Front Sunset Grill Sucat is the ideal place to be.


It's a refreshing experience since we are fond of fine dining and restaurant type buffet. Here, you will experience a night market life while enjoying live music with nice, laid back ambiance and breath of fresh air from the south with a mix of delicious grilled food aroma all over the place. 


For only 399 Pesos, you may enjoy a variety of Grilled food (pork, chicken, beef and seafood), Filipino and other Asian delicacies are served plus different beverages may be bought from the other food stalls varying from juices, shakes, wine and liquor. 

BAHAY Buffet also offers a membership card that everyone can enjoy to any BAHAY Buffet event. For existing mebers, you may enjoy BAHAY Buffet at Lake Front Sunset Grill for only 299 Pesos.

For those interested to avail a membership card, here are its benefits and privileges:

  1. Enjoy a special MEMBER's RATE for all BAHAY Buffet events!
  2. Dine with at least 1 (one) paying guest & enjoy FREE buffet on your birthday! And get 50% off on your buffet pass on your birth month!
  3. Get your 10th buffet attendance for FREE!
  4. Enjoy priority reservation for all BAHAY Buffet promotions! (ex. Buy One, Take One buffet passes)
  5. Member's rate coverage for 1 (one) non-member each time you dine!
  6. Kids below 5 years old eat for FREE! (Other kiddie meal rates also apply)


The featured concessionaires at BAHAY Buffet during the event were:

Wings Eat -  Nachos, original and spicy Buffalo Wings

For hot and spicy food lovers, we higly recommend you to try their spicy buffalo wings. It comes with crispy nachos with meaty-cheesy toppings that perfectly compliments the spiciness of the chicken.


Mongolian Grill - Rice or Stir Fried Egg Noodles topped with your choice of either Seafood (Squid,Shrimp), Beef, Pork or Chicken mixed with various ingredients like Tofu, vegetable of your choice (Mushroom, Green/Red Bell Peper, Carrots, Lettuce, Cabbage, Baguio Beans, Garlic etc.) topped with either Fried Garlic, Peanuts or Sesame Seeds.

We tried stir fried egg noodles topped with seafoods and beef rice topped with our choice of vegetables. Both were served beautifully and from the smell of it, you know that it's delicious. I prefer the stir fried noodles more.


Thai Breakers - Pad Thai and Fresh Thai Spring Rolls

Their Pad Thai is love. It has the right blend of Thai rice noodles, crushed peanuts and mint leaves that gives an additional kick to your taste buds. We also loved the Fresh Thai Spring rolls and it's yummy sauce.


Jeph's Jerk - Chicken Kebab, Beef Balls, Hot Wings, Potato Chips and Vegetable Salad

Our personal favorite is their potao chips and hot wings. The potatoes crispness and saltiness complimented well with the hot wings. The beef balls were perfectly marinated and you can taste it's juiciness while the chicken kebab is cooked to perfection. 


Sizzling Brothers - Pork and Chicken Sisig

We were quite disappointed with their sisig for it lacked crispness, but dont get us wrong, it's still delicious.

Dona's Grill Yummy BBQ and Innards - Various grilled food (pork, chicken, beef and seafood)

We love their pork barbecue and curdled pork blood cubes (dugo). Their pork barbecue's sauce is a winner. We also tried some chicken intestine (isaw), grilled squid and grilled pig ears.


BAHAY Buffet is also in partnership with Brew Kettle and Red Oak Sangria, original products of Asia Brewery. (We weren't able to try them though since we don't drink liquor).


With Ms. Kat and Ms. Louvie of BAHAY Buffet


The last part of the event was a raffle promo and luckily, I won 3 bottles of Brew Kettle, Yay! We really enjoyed this unique experience and will surely be back for more.

The good news is BAHAY Buffet regularly serves at Lake Front Sunset Grill, Sucat, Muntinlupa City every Thursdays to Saturdays from 4PM - 12MN. So what are you waiting for, dig in and try this mouth watering and out of he box buffet experience brought to you by BAHAY Buffet. 

For inquiries about hosting BAHAY Buffet or its Membership Card, you may visit their official facebook account and they will surely accomodate your queries.

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Sep 07, 2015 at 7:00 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
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