Hairshaft Salon Burns And Damages Customer's Eyebrows

Dec 27, 2014 at 9:00 PM
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After burning the eyebrow of the customer, a "Sorry" with more freebies to come was the reply of the Salon. Having already a bad experience with their said "freebie", would you dare get another freebie? Below is the statement of the victim to Fashion Pulis.

"Dear Fashion PULIS,

Hi FP! Marielle Uy here. I just want to share with you what happened to me. 

December 13, 2014 I vibered Fred Penales, owner of Hairshaft Salon asking for a quotation for hair services for my hair ( Brazilian Blowout + color). I sent him a recent photo of my hair and he quoted a price for the length of my hair - Php 6,500 for the Brazilian Blowout and for the color, it was from Php7,000 -10,000 - bringing to a total of more or less Php16,500. 

I told him that I would think about it first. He replied that he would give me a discount on my total bill. I was convinced,  so I went to Hairshaft Salon in Podium at 7pm and had my hair done. Fred Penales bleached my hair outright without first informing me if I wanted it and told me that it was not a bleaching powder but a very mild lightening cream only, so okay i couldn't do anything as it was there on my hair already. 

At around 11pm, my hair was done and I liked it a lot. But since the color of my hair was very light, Fred told me that I should dye my eyebrows too, but I told him maybe next time, but he insisted, saying he really wanted to dye it because he said he wanted me to look great. Again I agreed and had my eyebrows fixed. I was not sure what brand they used but it was so painful and itchy, I asked them to remove it immediately.  

After it was removed, Fred told me that he would remove the excess hair and I said it was painful already and I didn't want him to touch it anymore. But again he insisted, saying that he would just thread the excess hair. After the threading, my eyebrows became  reddish already. He then sprayed alcohol and told me it was fine and by the next day, it would be back to normal. I was kind of confused and scared at that time.  

When I went to the counter to pay, I was shocked to see my bill became Php24,000!! I was expecting it to be less than Php20,000 since Fred promised me a discount earlier. But he said that my discount would be for the eyebrows done and my total became Php 23,490?  I asked the cashier if I could have the breakdown because honestly, I couldn't understand what was written there, everything was abbreviated. The cashier told me that it was their copy. So I just asked for an OR (official receipt) which they  gave, but there was still no breakdown of services done on me. 

When I got home, my Mom noticed my brows - she said it was like "nabalatan" already. I was so sad because I had two (2) parties to attend to. I thought it was just a stain because of the color. Dec 14, I vibered Fred and complained about my brows and sent him the pictures but he only replied, "Sorry." 

The pain and itchiness were already bothering me, so I  went to a dermatologist and found out that it was actually a burn! Fred Penales, the owner of Hairshaft Salon burned my brows! I was so devastated and stressed, having had to forego my scheduled holiday events. Some parts of my scalp were also burned,  I told Fred about it and he said that he would give me a hair treatment and a free make up. I was so angry I told him to give me a refund - at least half of the amount I paid for all the damage and stress he caused me. I also told him that I didn't want a free treatment, and that I'm not allowed to put make up on because the burns still fresh but he didn't reply anymore. 

I kept on calling him but there was no answer. Until one day, I texted him that if he would still ignore me, I will consult with my lawyer, then he replied, " I already told you what i can do," (which was a free treatment for my hair and make up ). Why would he insist on a free treatment for my hair and make up when the my hair was not the problem, but my brows that he burned!"

According to my doctor the one that that Fred used on my brows was bleaching cream, which Fred claimed was mild. But my doctor said that if it was really mild, it wouldn't have burned my skin, and that it would have a scar and scab when it heals and it really bothered me. Imagine having to pay Php 23,000+ only to look and be damaged like that?!

This horrifying experience I have surely taught me a valuable lesson and I want to share it with your readers, FP.  Please know that if you already have a trusted salon and hairstylist, stick to them and don't bother to try anywhere else that you're not sure of. 

In my case, I was lured by Fred's Hairshaft Salon and their instagram photos and their price,  I thought it was worth a try. I think they have more than 5 instagram accounts where they have a lot of followers - Fredified, hairshaftfred, hairshaftmiguel, hairshaftmiguelized, hairshaft mitch, miguelized and a lot more. They all followed me on Instagram but ever since I complained, they all unfollowed me. Hope you could help me share this experience with your readers. "

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Dec 27, 2014 at 9:00 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
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