Local Indie Bands Kicked Out Of Music Events Due To Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Nov 22, 2017 at 11:29 PM
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Jensen and the Flips, Sud and other local indie artists, are being accused of sexual misconduct.

Manila, Philippines - Pinoy Secret Files has been supporting OPM for a very long time specially Indie Bands. We have came across various bands may it be backstage or watching their performances and it’s such a shame that most of our talented artists are now slammed with sexual misconduct allegations.

It all started with a tweet. A Sociology undergraduate from University of the Philippines named Adrienne Onday, with a twitter handle @_tapsilog, posted a long series of tweets about the sexual harassment and misogyny that seems to be ingrained in the music scene.

The twitter thread includes screenshots of conversations with alleged victims involved in numerous incidents with different bands. (Warning this is a long thread)

Samuel Valenia of Jensen and the Flips already admitted the act and apologized.


The bands official Facebook page also released a statement:



But his apologies did not change the fact that his and his bandmates former acts will affect their career. Online music magazine Vandals On The Wall already removed their band Jensen and The Flips from the lineup of its annual event "The Rest Is Noise Year-End." Now on its third year, "The Rest Is Noise Year-End"celebrates local music talent, and will be held on November 25 at the Century City Mall Event Space in Makati City.



Red Ninja Production, which has partnered up with The Rest is Noise released their statement as well:

"As a production run mostly by women, we have been striving to show our community that we are strong and independent: that we can make a difference not because of gender, but because we are all equal.

We believe that each person should be treated with respect, and has the right to voice out their thoughts and feelings. We commend those who are brave enough to come forward and raise these issues. We have your back and will try to continually create a community with a safe environment.

We are currently trying to gather more information and speak to the parties involved, but sexual assault and harassment is something that is definitely not ever going to be tolerated in Red Ninja. 

At the end of the day, while these issues aren't unique to the independent music scene, we hope that this can eventually serve as a catalyst for everyone in it to learn, be better, more aware and more accountable."


Other artists who are part of the lineup of The Rest is Noise Year-End Line up gave their two cents on the matter:



Also, the organizers of University of the Philippines (UP) Fair in February 2018 also withdraw its invitation to Sud to perform. This was confirmed by the head of the LGBTQ advocacy group UP Babaylan, Vince Liban on his twitter post. 

Sud on their official Facebook page apologized.

We recognize the actions that have caused everyone, especially the women that have come forward with their stories. and...

Posted by Sud on Wednesday, 22 November 2017


After much revalation, other alleged victims of other bands surfaced:

Allegation towards Paranoid CIty's Drummer, Eric Romero.

Allegations toward the band members of Ang Bandang Shirley.

They immediately released a statement with regards to the allegations.

On the insinuations of misconduct made against Ang Bandang Shirley: With the information we have so far, it is...

Posted by Ang Bandang Shirley on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Allegation towards Kim Hue Jin, lead guitarist of Farewell Fair Weather

Allegations toward the band members of Miles Experience namely Timothy Odulio (drummer), Justin Teano (guitar) and  Ian Diaz (bass).

The band Tandems '91 pulled-out themselves from the Rest is Noise gig.

After much consideration, we decided to pull-out from the Rest is Noise gig. Sorry short notice, pero di rin maiiwasan...

Posted by Tandems ' 91 on Thursday, 23 November 2017



At the end of the day, there is always three sides of the story and hopefully, the real side of the story will surface.

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Nov 22, 2017 at 11:29 PM
Posted by : Marie Li
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