Paul Biteng, 'PhantomHacker Khalifa', An Internet Genius Whose Potential Was Put Into Wrong Use

Apr 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM
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MANILA, Philippines - The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) released the mugshot of one of the suspected hackers of the Comelec website.

Paul Biteng, also known as PhantomHacker Khalifa, is suspected to be a member of the Anonymous Philippines hacker group.

When interviewed, Biteng said that he has no intention to do harm and was only showing what vulnerabilities the government websites have.

Biteng had been hacking websites for years just for practice and among those are 25 government websites which includes Pag-Asa, the Civil Service Commission and Dipolog City government.

So how were they able to trace him? According to Francis Señora, Biteng uploaded a hacking instruction video on YouTube which he unknowingly exposed his identity when he clicked on the Start button revealing his full name. 

Days after the Comelec website being hacked, he started bragging about it on several social media platforms. With that, his popularity lead to his downfall.

It's sad that people like him with great knowledge in terms of cyber-security used it in the wrong way. Biteng have not only been recognized online for hacking several websites, he was also recognized by Facebook and Microsoft for reporting vulnerabilities in their system. Seriously, this guy has potential but was just put into wrong use.

  1. Biteng is one of the three members of the Anonymous Philippines who claimed responsibility for defacing the Comelec website on March 27. The two others remain at large as of this posting.
  2. He is 23 years old.
  3. He recently graduated in April 2016 from the Perpetual Help College of Manila.
  4. He is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree holder.
  5. Biteng was apprehended by the NBI in his home in Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, Manila.
  6. On his Facebook account, he described himself as a security researcher — someone who investigates malicious software.
  7. Biteng is believed to be a “white hat hacker”, a computer specialist who break into systems to test their security to help improve the hacked website or network.
  8. In 2014, Facebook listed him to its Security Hall of Fame. “On behalf of over a billion users, we would like to thank the following people for making a responsible disclosure to us”, Facebook’s message read before introducing Biteng and the numerous others recognized by the social networking site.
  9. Meanwhile, he was also recognized by Microsoft, also in 2014. In its Security Researcher Acknowledgments page, Microsoft acknowledged Biteng and many others, saying: “The Microsoft Security Response Center is pleased to recognize the security researchers who have helped make Microsoft online services safer by finding and reporting security vulnerabilities”.
  10. “Each name listed represents an individual or company who has privately disclosed one or more security vulnerabilities in our online services and worked with us to remediate the issue”, Microsoft added.
  11. In 2013, he expressed on Twitter that he was awaiting for TV 5 Network’s reply as he relayed a message about the vulnerability he found on its website.

If proven guilty of malicious intent for hacking the Comelec website, Biteng will face imprisonment of up to six years for violating the anti-cybercrime law.

Do you think that the leaked database will affected the upcoming elections? How are millions of Filipinos safe online as the personal information is now available on the web for everybody to look at? What if someone with malicious intent used someone's personal information?

How safe are we now?

Apr 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
Filed Under : News & Events