[REVIEW]: First Time Visiting Kidzania, What's Inside?

Oct 09, 2016 at 6:15 PM
Posted by : Marie Li
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It's a Saturday afternoon and there's pretty nothing much to do on a weekend due to the gloomy weather the past few days so this is why we decided to take our kiddo to Kidzania.

If you aren't familiar with what Kidzania is all about, it is a place for kids to have a glimpse of what they want to be when they grow up. From being a doctor, a lawyer, up to a scientist, our kids just can't have enough of their "what they want to be when they grow up". Kidzania is here to help your child with what they want to be in the future days to come.

KidZania's vision is to ignite the hearts and minds of kids everywhere by empowering them to make the world a better place.

One of the world’s most inventive, most awarded and fastest-growing kid’s educational entertainment concepts, KidZania has 16 locations in 13 countries as well as 12 new sites under development across the globe, including in the Philippines. 

KidZania, Inc., headquartered in Mexico, was founded in 1997, opened its first park in 1999, and is privately held. KidZania is locally franchised by Play Innovations, Inc., a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation.

Excerpt from: https://www.facebook.com/KidZaniaManila/about/?entry_point=page_nav_about_item

Kidzania is located at "Park Triangle North, 11th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila". You do not need to worry about not finding it because their sign is easily visible even from a distance.

You may opt to buy your tickets online or you could just purchase as walk-in guests. Ticket prices increase on weekends and national holidays so if you want to save a little amount for it, go on a weekday.

There are two (2) shifts or batches everyday - morning (9am - 2pm) and afternoon (3pm - 8pm)

Weekdays (Monday - Friday)

  • Kids (4 - 14 years old) = PHP 900
  • Toddlers (1 - 3 years old) = PHP 500
  • Babies (below 12 months) = FREE
  • Companions (15 years old and above) = PHP 630

Weekends (Saturday - Sunday) + National Holidays

  • Kids (4 - 14 years old) = PHP 1,100
  • Toddlers (1 - 3 years old) = PHP 600
  • Babies (below 12 months) = FREE
  • Companions (15 years old and above) = PHP 770

You may purchase tickets in advance at KidZania Manila during these schedules:
Mondays to Fridays: 10AM-2PM
Saturdays to Sundays: 10AM-12NN and 2-4PM

Upon purchasing our tickets, we were given this Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) cheque wherein they can deposit it at the BPI inside the Kidzania for their future visits. You'll  also be given a magnetic bracelet paired to your kids. This is to ensure that they cannot exit the premises with their paired guardian. In this way, you can let your kiddo roam around Kidzania without you worrying about them.

Our official Kidzania money worth 50 KidZo

Instructional guide around Kidzania

Signs all over the entrance so you'll never get lost.

A wonderful statue of Kidzania's mascot upon entering the city.

On every academy, there is this census plaque wherein you'll get to know the age restriction, number of kids allowed per session, duration of the lesson and if they'll be able to earn Kidzania money.

Speaking of economy in Kidzania, in each academy kids could either earn, pay or get to try it out for free (no earnings, no payment). If you see the plus (+) sign on the economy, it means that they'll earn a certain amount after they completed the lesson. Should a minus (-) be displayed, they need to pay a certain amount in order to proceed. And for free, it's pretty self explanatory.

By this, kids would be able to learn how to save and how to spend their money wisely.

Kids at work. Do not disturb.

During the course of their lesson, only the kids are allowed to enter the academy. Parents or companions are opt to stay outside the academy. So while waiting, you could either take a picture of them thru the window or come back later.

If there is an academy that could allow guardians to join with their kids, I'd choose this Magnolia Ice Cream Factory. As a person who loves ice cream, I'll definitely take a scoop of each flavor.

There are certain academies that let kids take away what they have baked. At Magnolia, kids will have an ice cream while at Lady's Choice, they'll be able to take away the sandwich they'll make. And at Goldilocks, they'll be able to grab the mamon/cupcake they made.

Should you hear sirens all over the place, then these kiddos are definitely at work. They are trained to be fire fighters and nurses and/or doctors riding an ambulance. Note that these two academies are the most queued academy around. So be sure to line up early.

For the guardians or companions, you need not to worry about getting bored as there's a special lounge just for you. The "Parent's Lounge". You can let your kids be by themselves as you sit and relax. Your kids are safe as they cannot leave the premises without their guardian. To assure that they are with their "real" guardian upon exiting the premises, the magnetic bracelets will be validated first before they can exit.

Since we took the morning batch, we ended our Kidzania trip at 2PM. I remember back in the days where we play with dirty as a form of excitement and learning but now, look at these kids. They are already being trained for what they wish to be in the future days to come.

And with that, today's generation are getting even smarter at a very young age. Thanks to the likes of Kidzania, kids are now having a feel of what they want to be when they grow up.

Address: Park Triangle North, 11th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KidZaniaManila/ 
Website: http://manila.kidzania.com/

Oct 09, 2016 at 6:15 PM
Posted by : Marie Li
Filed Under : Entertainment