[SCAM ALERT] : A Scammer Tried To Fool A Victim But The Scammer Became The Victim Instead

May 01, 2015 at 12:04 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
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MANILA, Philippines - Text Scams. Random people asking for money, stating that you won a lottery but need to pay first a certain amount in order to get your prize, a family member abroad is in need of cash, and all sorts of alibi just to get money from you. In our country, it is almost impossible to trace this scammers as the number and sim card they are using are not registered and can be easily dispose of. But this dude was able to trace the scammer.

A scammer tried to text the victim stating that she has a new roaming number and sent a package to her the family. But then, the victim called the scammer as "Mommy" so now the scammer has a clue now that the victim's mother is really working abroad. And with that, the scammer said that she has a problem and needs 25k.

The victim said that he can send 33k to her.

The scammer told the victim to send it to her BDO and SMART account and even gave the her SMART account number - 5299 6747 6099 9103

The scammer insisted the victim to send the money ASAP as she needs it urgently. Being an urgent matter, the victim asks the scammer what is going on as he is worried about her problem.

And still insisting to transfer the money, the victim said that he has a tutor every Tues and Thurs and wont be able to send the money immediately.

Now the scammer is getting pissed off.

This time, the victim now went to SM to transfer the money via SMART padala.

The scammer asking for the reference number since she just receive a payment of one (1) peso.

The victim insisted that he sent the money to her and even said that the "Attorney" might just be fooling her.

The scammer then insisted that she only received one peso with BDO # 00127 Ref: 000024887086. And then the victim replied that yes, he sent her one piso to look for someone whom she could fool around.

Going back to the roots, it seems that from the very beginning, the victim already knew that it was a text scam and just tried to play along in order to get the real identity of the scammer. Instead of the victim falling for the trap, the scammer was the one who fell for it. And now that the victim confirmed the account number was indeed from the scammer, he now has access to the scammer's real identity. Genius indeed!

So if you ever receive such text scam, go ahead and play along with them. You'll never know, you might be the next genius!

May 01, 2015 at 12:04 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
Filed Under : Just For Fun