SCAM ALERT: Netizen Shared Her Story On How She Almost Got Scammed Thru A Phone Call

Jul 16, 2016 at 12:22 PM
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Text scams, telephone scams, scams are everywhere! And this is why you should stay vigilant of your surroundings and the different modus of these. Read on as a netizen shared her story on how she almost got scammed!

Remember, never to entertain any call or text from someone you do not know. Also, do not give personal information to anyone. 


I want everyone to be aware of this.
It was my first time to experience this and I’m so glad that God has guided and given me wisdom throughout the call. This just happened today, around 9:30am.


Person 1 (P1): Dito ba si (full name of my mother)?" 
(This is to know kung asa bahay ba ung balak nilang sabihing naaksidente. My mom told me na may tumatawag nga lately these days sa pldt. Hinahanap siya then ibababa pagkasabi niyang siya un)

My cousin who answered the phone (C): Wala po siya dito, bakit po?

P1: Kaano ano ka niya?

C: Pamangkin po

P1: Maliban sayo, sino pa andyan na pwedeng makausap?

C: (called me, and so I answered the call)

Me (M): Yes po, sino po to?

P1: Kaano ano mo si (full name of my mother with middle name)? 
(Only info they actually need from you is one of your family member's full name and telephone number - this data can be gathered from forms, promos, etc)

M: Anak niya po ako, sino po to? Bakit po?
(in between, nilipat lipat ako sa line, giving off a show na I was being transferred to different departments. Of course this was about my mom so I had to be patient. But back in my mind, I knew such scams exists.)

P2: Ganito kasi, wag kang mabibigla. Pero naaksidente mama mo. (they prolonged the agony of telling this so they have this way of you seeking why they called. And upon saying this, I admit, they got me.) Nawalan ng preno ung kotse na sinasakyan niya (my doubt started here, they asked kung may sasakyan daw kami – meaning they don’t have the story in detail. They have the whole story planned, but search for DETAILS and they won’t answer it) .. at may nabanggang bata. Ngayon, ang masama pa dito, anak ng colonel ung nabangga at ipinapakulong ung mama mo (This got into my nerves. Yes, I’m aware that these scams exists, but I never experienced it first hand. And they acted so real. Good actually. As if they’re professionals in this field. I was worried about my mom. I wondered if she was fine, if she’s still alive and questions like what happened. But instead of letting my emotions take over, I remained calm and analyzed the situation.)

P2: Ngayon, ayaw niyang madaming makaalam at mabalita pa ito. Kaya ikaw lang pinagkakatiwalaan niya. Wag mo na munang sabihin sa papa mo (this somehow made sense ..) they told me to unplug our telephone and to turn my cp off para di kami matrace ng police. (this I believe is their ISOLATION STAGE. They wouldn’t want you to tell what they’re doing to you to anyone.)

P2: Gusto mo bang makausap mama mo? Oh ito (girl spoke, pero di makapagsalita ng maayos daw kasi nabangga nguso nung naaksidente. In my heart, I didn’t feel it was my mom. They also had questions before that saying oh ano ba tawag mo skanya and ano tawag niya sayo – yes reading this here halatang scam pero pag ikaw andun, it looks like the person was sincere – I believe this is their TRUST STAGE)

Somehow, God managed to control my emotion and made me think wisely. I asked “Ma, ikaw ba talaga to? *asks a personal question*” and the guy was like mamaya na daw chuchu ung mga ganung tanong kasi importante daw sasabihin nila. With authority, I asked, “Ma *inserts personal question*? Sagutin mo para malaman ko kung ikaw to.” She gave the wrong answer and ended the call. Called my mom and knew she was fine.

If you are the one who tried to trick me, sorry, but my parents raised me well. This post is not only for your possible victims but for you guys mainly.

I want you to know that what you’re doing right now is not what God has planned for you. You may have earned quite a lot already from doing that, but more than trying to steal from others (maybe in form of the actual victim itself, money – which I believe is your goal, etc) you are mainly stealing from yourselves. Stealing the life that God has planned for you. Stealing your supposed to be success today. But I want you to know that it’s never too late. You can turn back to this life of darkness to a life worth living. Happiness, love, generosity, hope .. all these through Christ.

If this simple paragraph has spoke to you, I highly encourage you to go visit a church near you like Victory Alabang (di ba sa city hall ng alabang kayo, sabi niyo?). Get to know more about God, and get to know more about YOU.

To all who have read this, I pray that we be guided by the Holy Spirit. Keep ourselves informed of the latest scams like these. And to those who does this, I am praying for you.

UPDATE: A friend of mine messaged me and told me the same thing happened to her just last Tuesday. Same voice - slightly gay guy, same number - 09260245934. What happened to her after the stages I've written from the post above:

"First, they'll ask you to look for a box. May dollars daw. Then if you can't find any, the jewelries. I-pawn daw then Smart Padala."

They are currently trying to trace where they sent the money to.

If you have any updates, feel free to pm me or comment it here. Let's all stay safe guys!

Jul 16, 2016 at 12:22 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
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