[TRAVEL] : First-timer In Singapore, Day 4 Of 4 - Sim Lim, Mustafa Center, Changi Airport

Nov 09, 2015 at 4:30 PM
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SINGAPORE - It's Day 4 of 4 at Singapore, the last day of our SG trip. It's sad that we will be going home soon, we will definitely miss Singapore.

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  4. [TRAVEL] : First-timer In Singapore, Day 4 Of 4 - Sim Lim, Mustafa Center, Changi Airport

For our last day, here’s our quick itinerary:

  • Sim Lim Square
  • Mustafa Centre
  • Changi Airport T2, Starbucks
  • Changi Airport T2, Central Thai Restaurant
  • Changi Airport T2, Lounge
  • Back to Manila

Sim Lim Square is known for tourists who loves to shop for gadgets and electronics. But we wary as there are a lot of scams if you are not familiar with place. There was this news wherein a Vietnamese tourist knelt down and begged just to get a refund for his iPhone 6. He was offered a "warranty package" in which he thought was free. To his surprise, the staff asked him to pay an additional $1,500 and were told not to leave unless they pay. Unfortunately, Mobile Air’s staff members just laughed at him and even passers-by ignored his plea.

So if you’ll visit any store, not just in Sim Lim, be sure to ask if the package they are offering is free or would there be any additional costs. Make it a practice to always ask for the EXACT price, up to the last centavo. Just common sense, eh?


Moving on, upon visiting Sim Lim Tower and Sim Lim Square, we were able to buy an HDMI cable around 50meters long. Not the usual length you could find here in our country. The longest that I saw on computer and hardware stores here in our country is around 10meters only. So without any second thoughts, I bought one. And since we arrive around 8am in the morning, not all stores were opened yet. Good thing that store that we bought the cable gave us a discount since we are his first customer for the day. 


Looks familiar? Yep, Selecta; that famous ice cream. But here we found it to be named as "Walls"


So Kim Chui has a store here?


Mustafa Centre is a 24 hour shopping mall in Singapore. Looking from the outside, it seems small but when you go in, there are a lot of items to choose from. We opted to go shopping early morning as we wanted to avoid the busy crowds.

Mustafa Centre is located at Little India, Singapore.

Looking from this picture, it also seems like you can’t see the end. That’s how big this shopping center is. 


I was just fascinated on how this drink looks but not on how it tastes.


Travelling back to our hotel as we have our flight on the afternoon (back to Manila).


We left our hotel and said our good byes to the hotel staff. They were very accommodating and friendly too. One of their advice is to walk around instead so we can explore the city and appreciate the beauty more. Travelling by foot is the best part of travelling and I agree on that too, well except if your destination is miles away.

Btw, this is not our hotel. Just a view near our hotel since there’s a construction going on and it’s not a good view to take pictures on.


Stop over a 7-11 store on the way to Changi Airport Terminal 2


Alas, we reached our destination. Taking some snaps while waiting for our departure.


Remember when we purchased our Starbucks tumbler on our first day? We were given coupons so we opted to use it here.


Before leaving Singapore, we wanted to try something expensive, at least, so we got to have an experience of eating at hawker stalls and a fancy restaurant (at least). And since we are out of time, we decided to dine at Central Thai at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Not the usual food we expected for its price though. 


And of course, pasalubongs. Chocolates, shirts and keychains.


Byebye Singapore, we hope we could visit you again soon. Shucks. Back to reality.

As most backpackers would say, travel the land where you grew up first before you travel beyond. It became one of my principles too but wasn’t able to pursue that. Instead, I jumped and travelled beyond my country. I didn’t regret doing that.

It was definitely more exciting as I was able to meet different people and learn their culture. A small country such as Singapore is a definitely must go-to. For first-timers who wants to travel around the globe, I would recommend you to make Singapore your first destination. Why? A small, rich and multi-cultured country, you’ll definitely won’t get lost.

Of course we will explore the land of where we grew up but we may explore other countries first. We hope we could do more travels if time and budget permits

Nov 09, 2015 at 4:30 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
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