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Jun 04, 2016 at 1:00 PM
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Ocean Park is an oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park located in Hong Kong Island. Established since 1977, it is one of the most visited theme parks in Hong Kong. No wonder why we took a break from the busy world and visited OceanPark for the very first time.

To reach the park, we travel via Citybus Ocean Park Express from Admiralty Station. Travel time is usually around 20-30mins. The station is easy to spot as there are signs all over the place pointing on to where the bus station is.

Entrance to Ocean Park

The fair weather and sudden cold breeze is what welcomed us upon arrival at the park. At park entrance, a swarm of tourists taking selfies crowded the center stage. We opted not to join them and looked for another place instead to have that selfie shot. It seems that most people focus on that one spot they first see and tend to ignore other places.

Fluffy pandas on the loose!

First stop, Giant Panda Adventure. At first glance we thought that the red fella is a red racoon. But then we realize that this is a Panda section so why have a racoon in here? Good thing they have information about the animals around for us to know what kind of animal we are looking at. So yeah, not a racoon but a red panda which is also called lesser panda, red bear-cat, or red cat-bear.

Since it was the month of November when we visited Hong Kong, you'll usually see Christmas decors everywhere in preparation for Christmas season.

Aqua City. Nothing much here really. Just a bunch of fountains around.

Watch these sea lions perform up close!

In here, you'll get a chance to see these sea lions up close and personal. I would prefer to stay a little bit away as they really smell fishy. But if you can tolerate their smell, then it shall be a no problem for you. Such lovely sea lions.

Let's get lost in Ocean Park!

A walk to the park and you'll see lots of signages on where to go next so you won't really get lost despite it being a huge place.

The park is divided in two islands. Waterfront and The Summit. To cross between two islands, you have a choice of riding a 1.5 kilometer cable car system that features an astonishing view of the island or an underground train system known as the Ocean Express that utilises multimedia effects to simulate the feeling of travelling into the depths of the sea.

A fantastic view from the cable car ride

We took the cable car first to cross The Summit island. The queue is quite long and took us 45mins to board the cable car. Nevertheless, we had a great 8-minute ride with a fantastic view of the Waterfront and Summit islands.

The Eye of Ocean Park

OceanPark is not just a theme park full of animals for kids but also has an amusement park for adults to enjoy too.

In the Raging River should you wish not to ride, you still can experience the thrill by water splashing those who rode the ride. Time for revenge? This is the best time!

Despite the sunny afternoon, you won't feel the heat that much as November is quite a cool season to enjoy walking around the streets. We actually wore winter jackets as it is really cold that time.

The killers of the ocean, the Shark Mystique. No need to worry as they are inside a large oceanarium.

Empty seats? Wait till the show starts.

We arrive early at the Ocean Theater for us to pick a nice seat to watch sea lions perform. This is because the moment you arrive 5-10mins before the show starts, this place is vast-full of crowded people which leaves you no choice but to stand.

This is actually my favorite part. You got to meet these cute penguins! Look at that poor little one, lost with his family.

We got a chance to have an up close picture of this arctic fox! We really wanted to take him home though we wonder if he will survive the hot weather in our country.

At the end of the path, there are shops where tourist could buy souvenirs.

When traveling back from Waterfront to The Summit, we took the Ocean Express. It is quite a quick ride compared to the cable car as this only lasted 3-minutes.

It took us six (6) hours to tour the park as it closes around 6pm. No need to worry traveling back as there are plenty of buses around that will take you back to the city.

With the time spent, we had a great experience touring Ocean Park as it was our first time to visit Hong Kong as well. There were lots of tourists and a percentage of them are Filipinos who you can easy spot. Should you visit Hong Kong, we definitely recommend to include Ocean Park on your list.

Jun 04, 2016 at 1:00 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
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