[VIDEO] - MMDA Officers Who Apprehended A UV Express Driver Who Can't Explain His Violation, Plays Deaf

Jul 23, 2015 at 5:00 AM
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MANILA, Philippines - A video was posted on Facebook wherein an MMDA officer apprehended a UV Express driver for having an "Out of Line" violation in which they couldn't even explain why and how.

A Facebook user named Archie SixNine Dela Cruz posted a video on his timeline where it is seen that the MMDA officer is ticketing the UV Express driver for having an "Out of Line" violation. The UV Express driver insisted on how did he got the said violation wherein it is stated in their document that they are allowed to pass thru C5 Congressional, EDSA Balintawak. The MMDA officer still insists that they should be passing thru Quirino instead.

As the driver continues to ask why he got the violation, the MMDA officer plays deaf and doesn't even want to answer his question.

The video lasted for almost 10 minutes wherein you can hear the driver constantly asking the officers on how he got his violation with them playing deaf.

PLEASE SHARE beware: ito yung dalawang pulpol na humuli sakin kaninang umaga! LENNA J.D.C and CUTAMORA E.A. hindi nila maipaliwanag kung baket ako naging out of line! Baket hindi yung motor nyong dalawa ticketan nyo mga impakto! wala ng sticker ilan taon png expired ang rehistro!

Posted by Archie Sixnine Dela Cruz on Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Dear MMDA Officials,

May we request your good office to kindly investigate this incident. Did the UV Express driver really commited the "Out of Line" violation?

Isn't it a prerequisite that officers should explain in a clear, proper manner what violation was committed? This is because it is seen on the video that the driver constantly asked what, why and how did he violated such crime but your MMDA constables refuse to answer his inquiry and continued to play deaf. Also, they confiscated his license plate without a clear reasoning.

And also, the license plate of their motorcycle is not registered which only have the 2013 registration sticker.

To make it easier for you to investigate this matter, aside from the video footage, we also attached pictures of faces, name plates and license plate of the officers.

Names of MMDA officers who can't even explain why the driver violated the Out of Line ruling:

  1. LENNA J.D.C.

Thank you.
~Pinoy Secret Files

Jul 23, 2015 at 5:00 AM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
Filed Under : CCTV & Video Footages