[VIRAL]: Wedding Coordination Gone Wrong

Aug 06, 2015 at 4:50 PM
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Engaged? Read a couple's horror story with a wedding coordinator.

Manila, Philippines - Wedding is one of the most important event in every couples' life. Most of us dreamed to have our own wedding to be special and memorable that is why we work hard so we can someday have it, but unfortunately, this couple lost their chance to have one.

On a facebook post by Merjerie Mamaril Lanzaderas, the sister of the groom, she shared a horrifying experience with a wedding coordinator named Karen Favis Carlos associated to Glamworks Events Management.

The couple are Jemerson Mamaril and Erine Kaye Santos and their wedding was last July 18, 2015 at Fernbrook Gardens, Daang Hari, Muntinlupa City. 

Here is the verbatim of the facebook post:

"Pls share.

Hi, call me "the groom". Recently, I have experienced something I never thought would happen to me but it did and i feel I must share. My new wife and I got engaged early last year and have made a decision to get married back home (Philippines) as most of our friends and family are still there. As a man, I felt I must do everything I can to make sure that my "bride to be" gets her dream wedding plus everything she deserves so regardless of how late I stay at work and how many extra hours i put in, my goal is to give her the best wedding. Given that we are both based abroad, we have made a decision to hire a coordinator who will assist us in our wedding. One of my wife's friend recommended, a girl named Karen Favis Carlos. We looked at her previous worked and reviews and have decided to obtained her assistance to make sure that my wife gets everything she wants. Last year we met her and her family (with her kids) and she met our family when she showed us the venue. we sat down and spoke about how my wife wants her wedding and put everything in final order. We have made necessary downpayments to book services and met the people that will provide services to our wedding.. So to cut the long story short, everything was in order until the day of the wedding..

July 18. The morning of the wedding came.. we are booked at a hotel in separate room of course and my mom called me to say that she cannot get a hold of the coordinator, Karen Favis Carlos. it was 9am.. the wedding is not until 2pm, so i told my mom "its okay, shes probably on her way"... although i felt the need to worry, i disregarded my worries because its our wedding day and i was texting my bride at that time making sure that shes happy. Around 10:30 Karen's assistants came, we asked where Karen is and she said "Di po namin macontact but she should be on her way".. Around 11, is when I started to get really worried, the stylist hasnt come, the only person thats at the hotel is the makeup artist and karen's assistant.. My heart is slowly strating to hurt as I want to make sure that my bride gets everything she ever deserved. So I told my sister to make sure that the bride knows nothing about Karen being missing in action... Its now 12pm, two hours before the wedding and the only additional people that came was the stylist and the photographers. I knew in my heart something was wrong. Karen is officially missing in action, Her assistants doesnt know where she is, there are no flowers at the hotel.. Flowers!!! I shouted deep inside... My bride to be's mini dream is to have her wedding flowers done by Teddy Manuel. A family friend who contacted Teddy Manuel, was told that there was no contract between us and him. My heart sank!! I started crying deep inside, I pulled out all our contracts and receipts and there it is Teddy Manuel contract- fully paid two months before our wedding day. I said to myself, this cannot be happening. I again told everyone not to say anything to my bride to be. I do not wish for her to experience the pain I was feeling then. I started calling Karen, her phone was off and facebook deactivated. I knew right then and there that Karen Favis Carlos is a scam!!!!!!!!!! The wedding must go on. ;( Our entourage did not have any flowers, there were no flowers at church, my bride has a bouquet bought at a store, it was devastating.. My bride's limo was a scam as well.. I looked at all receipts she has given me. Don Roberts Limo- fully paid months ago.. and again, the limo was never booked.. My pain somehow lightened when i saw her walked down that aisle, she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.. My bride still has nooo idea about Karen stealing all that hard earned money..... After church is when she statyed asking questions and thats when I told her what was going on, I didnt tell her everything I know, As i didnt want her to worry, I reassured her that everything is fine.

We then went from the fernbrook chapel to the fernbrook ballroom. Walking into the ballroom, we saw that although it was a beautiful setup, it was not what we paid for, we paid for the most expensive package they have, and we were only given the basics. the flowers were old. The dj is different, the emcee is different. But the party still went on.. At the end of the night is when we "the newly weds" were told the most devastating news a newly wed could ever get, the catering service was not paid for!!! almost half a million peso that we have paid in full months ago and has receipt for, we were told that Karen Favis Carlos faked all the receipts and the catering company is now after us to pay for the service. We could not help it anymore, the night of our wedding day at the corner of Frenbrook me and my wife started crying... We were then told that none of the services was paid at all.. All those overtime shifts that me and my bride worked to be able to pay for the wedding of our dreams, everything Karen Favis Carlos stole!!!!!!

We didnt know what to say or do. I can go on to tell you what happen that night and the day after, the tears, the pain.. but It is not the purpose of this letter. I wrote this letter to reach out to other engaged couple, to be careful who you trust, Karen Favis Carlos looked decent and trusting but she is the most heartless person we have ever met. She stole millions of money. I reached out to other wedding services as well, our contract with Teddy Manuel had the company's letterhead, as well as his signature (which Karen forged) and we even met this lady that was suppose to be Teddy's assistant. and Teddy Manuel knows nothing about this. Karen Favis Carlos is using other company's name,creates a fake contract and forge signature. Our contract with Don Roberts limo was fake as well as our receipt with the catering service.

Lastly I wrote this letter to reach out to whoever knows Karen Favis Carlos. For Karen- we did nothing bad towards other people for you to do this to us. We trusted you. The money you stole from us we can always work for again, but that moment, that moment that me and my wife are suppose to look back and be happy, you stole that from us. I has been weeks and still we cannot look at any of our wedding pictures because even though there were people that helped us make it happen, we still cannot forget that moment we were told that you ran away with our money. you stole our dream wedding me and my wife both worked sooooo hard for. You stole that moment that Me and my wife were suppose to be happy, the moment that was suppose to be memorable... You stole that from us.. Everytime we look at our wedding pictures, we feel traumatized, instead of remniscing the happy moments, we feel nothing but pain and disappointment.

For every life that me and my wife save by profession, I wish nothing but one thing in return....... I wish nothing but for you, Karen Favis Carlos, to experience the same amount of pain you have given not only to me and my wife but to our entire family."

Screenshots of the post:

Here is Merjerie Mamaril Lanzaderas original facebook post:

Pls share.Hi, call me "the groom". Recently, I have experienced something I never thought would happen to me but it...

Posted by Merjerie Mamaril Lanzaderas on Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A concerned friend defended accusations to Karen Favis Carlos on a comment:

On the official website of Glamworks Events Management, Karen Favis Carlos wrote her official statement. (http://glamworksevents.com/)

Verbatim below:

"Official Statement of Karen Favis-Carlos, Glamworks Events Management
It is with regret that the Wedding of Jemerson Mamaril and Erin Santos last July 18, 2015 at Fernbrook Gardens, Daang Hari, Muntinlupa City did not go smoothly as it should be. My husband, Perry Carlos III, went to the event to personally see to it that the wedding, though not perfect, will push through as scheduled. Majority of the suppliers were paid and settled on the night of the event, some were issued checks (that were cleared, suppliers can attest to this) to cover for their corresponding payments. I will forever regret the lapses that I may have committed, as it affected a lot of people. The recent Facebook post as well as the number of shares, likes, reposts, as well as the bashers who, unfortunately, included my whole family, affected us deeply. Dragging my family into this mess was uncalled for, as we are already in touch with the couple’s lawyer since the evening of the event. We are also looking into seeking assistance with the Anti Cyber-Bullying task force to see if something can be done about the malicious comments that arose from the post, given the fact that there was a photograph of my whole family with my then 1 ½ year old daughter in it. I am not convicted of any crime, nor am I running away from any authorities. I am seeking for the kind understanding of everyone to at least, give me a chance to straighten things out. I have been in the Wedding Industry since 2010 handling over 100 couples. I am not a serial scammer, a fly-by-night Coordinator nor a thief. We look forward to settling this legally, without having to ruin my name and my family. Please spare some thought for my family, most especially my 3 year old daughter who is starting to understand what is going on in our household. It pains me so much to see her suffering due to the fact that I haven’t been tending to her the way I do. I would like to take this opportunity to thank people who saw best not to comment nor repost. That small act means a lot to us. Please continue to pray for us as we try our best to pick up the pieces. Finally, I would like to apologize to the couple for the pain this has caused. I understand that I may not gain your sympathy, but please know, from the bottom of my heart, that I am truly sorry for what happened. God Bless everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this."

Despite Karen Favis Carlos' statement, it seems that they haven't settled their differences yet. Take a look at the comment of Merjerie Mamaril Lanzaderas.


Who's telling the truth? Hopefully, they will resolve this issue soon. So the moral of the story, couples, be careful who to trust your wedding preparation to.

Pinoy Secret files is open to both parties side so we may hear both side of the story.

Aug 06, 2015 at 4:50 PM
Posted by : Pinoy Secret Writer
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