1. What is Pinoy Secret Files?

    Pinoy Secret Files (PSF) is an independent website that serves as every Pinoy's online tambayan.

    PSF is your daily online source of worldwide news, useful information, latest trends, online scandals, true to life stories, dark secrets and other topics that fall in between for the million readers around the web.

    Got a secret to share? A rant to publicize? Or to warn fellow citizens about such acts or happenings that may be of harm? Share it here and let the public know before it happens to your family and friends!

  2. Do Pinoy Secret Files entertain sponsorships and media partnerships to promote events?

    Yes, Indeed! We at Pinoy Secret Files accept media sponsorships to help event(s) promotion.

    We may also be a media partner responsible for posting press releases and marketing materials on our social media accounts. We cannot be a media partner if all marketing materials have already been printed prior asking us to be your partner.

    In exchange, we only ask to acknowledge Pinoy Secret Files as your media partner and provide us with media partner privileges including having our logo on all marketing materials, acknowledging us at the events and other media partner benefits offered.

    Please be reminded that we need an ample time of at least two (2) weeks away from the target date of event(s). We cannot rush media partnerships unless there is a rush fee.

  3. I want to promote my restaurant / product / brand on your site, how do Pinoy Secret Files go about it?

    You may email us at inquire[at]pinoysecretfiles[dot]com.

    We entertain promotions but first, we must work out a mutually beneficial partnership or sponsorship. Long term partnerships resorts to continued social media promotions on a regular basis and targeting of multiple keywords for SEO.

    In case we cannot come up with a mutually beneficial partnership or sponsorship, we may also accept x-deal and do something on a smaller scale.

  4. Do I have to pay Pinoy Secret Files to get featured?

    We do accept payment depending on the complexity of work but we could also do an x-deal or other forms of mutually beneficial partnerships or sponsorship.

  5. What if I want to send Pinoy Secret Files samples of our products to review and write about?

    Drop us an email at reviews[at]pinoysecretfiles[dot]com. This will fall under a form of an x-deal wherein we will ask at least two (2) pieces of the product you want us to feature. In exchange, we will post an article featuring your product and store.

  6. Do Pinoy Secret Files post press releases?

    We at Pinoy Secret Files try not to feature too many press releases or advertorials in order to maintain the standards, quality and credibility of our website.

  7. I want to be a contributor for Pinoy Secret Files? How and what are the requirements to be a contributor?

    We at Pinoy Secret Files accept various kinds of contributions may it be writing, photography, video or other means of sharing factual and worthy stories. You may drop us an email at contribute[at]pinoysecretfiles[dot]com for more details.

  8. I live outside the Philippines, but I want to be part of Pinoy Secret Files. Do contributors have to live in or write only about the Philippines?

    Fact is, Pinoys are in every corner of the world. You don't need to be in our homeland to qualify as a contributor. Foreigners are welcome too. Everyone is encouraged to share their stories may it be about the Philippines or not.

  9. What's in it for contributors? Why should I share my work(s)?

    There are some perks and a lot of reasons why you should share us your work(s).

    • Aside from your obvious passion in creating/writing beautiful stories, we at Pinoy Secret Files believes that everyone is entitled to practice their freedom of expression making Pinoy Secret Files as medium of expressing one's self.
    • We will help you promote your article on our social media accounts which has thousands of followers, and counting. You and your articles get to be showcased to our fans on:
    • We will also link your work(s) to your own site or blogs. Articles can immediately be cross-linked to your personal site or blogs after launching it on Pinoy Secret Files
    • We will definitely recognize you and feature your profile with your personal description and photo.

    Note: As Pinoy Secret Files progress, we will definitely add more perks but we must all work hard for it.

  10. Do you pay Pinoy Secret Files' contributors/writers?

    Writing is a passion and we allow our contributors to use Pinoy Secret Files as their medium to express themselves. For now, we can only help you promote your article on our social media accounts, link your work(s) to your own site or blogs and recognize your contribution. As Pinoy Secret Files progress, we will definitely add more perks but we must all work hard for it.

  11. Do I have to contribute or write regularly for Pinoy Secret Files?

    You only have to contribute as often as you want, whenever you are available and wherever you are. You have the luxury of managing your own schedule but once you accept an assignment and volunteer for it, please be responsible enough to meet the deadline.

  12. Do Pinoy Secret Files allow republish articles? What if my article has already been published somewhere else?

    We cannot republish an article exactly as is. Fact is, Google is capable of detecting sites with duplicate content that will cause low rate on both websites. Articles published in print (magazines, newspapers) but not published online, may be considered though.